Through the synergy of transport and tourism
to further development of the BSEC region

 (1 June 2016, Sochi, the Russian Federation)

We, the Ministers of Transport of the Member States of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) met in Sochi on 1 June 2016, within the framework of the BSEC Chairmanship-in-Office of the Russian Federation,

Believing that transport plays an important role in sustainable economic and social development of the BSEC region;

Guided by the provisions of the main BSEC documents;

Aiming at continuing cooperation on the following Memoranda of Understanding: on the Facilitation of Road Transport of Goods, on the Coordinated Development of the Black Sea Ring Highway at the BSEC region and on the Development of the Motorways of the Sea in the BSEC region;

Welcoming the work undertaken by the BSEC Working Group on Transport, the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Development of Motorways of the Sea in the BSEC region and the Steering Committee on the Development of the Black Sea Ring Highway, aimed at developing modern transport connectivity in the region and introduction of advanced and innovative technologies into transport sphere;

Confirming the priority attention which is focused on development of integrated transport system in the BSEC region, on continuation of work on implementation of mutually beneficial initiatives in the field of transport, infrastructure and logistics, possessing practical potential and on further strengthening the BSEC cooperation with UNECE,
EU, Eurasian Economic Union and other international organizations in these areas;

Stressing that the development of the maritime industry is connected with the need of improving cooperation between stakeholders in the transport sector within the framework of promoting efficient, sustainable maritime trade and passenger traffic, environment protection and raising the level of maritime transport safety and reliability;

Assuming exchange of information in the field of transport security, introduction of innovations and intelligent transport systems expedient;

Welcoming the development of multimodal transportation in the BSEC region;

Given the growing attractiveness of the BSEC region for international tourism;

Noting that the passenger, cruise and ferry connection is an important aspect for domestic and international tourism development and, consequently, for population’s welfare rise in the region;

Having in view that developed transport infrastructure, modern technologies and regulation will be to the benefit of facilitation of transport for the goods and passengers and will lead to the growth of trade and tourism, creating opportunities for increasing of volume, efficiency and security of transport and offering the best transportation service for entrepreneurs and tourists;

Acknowledging that high-quality, reliable, safe and cost-effective international shipping lines are crucial for the development of the tourism industry and that the transport services and infrastructure should meet the public interest;

Welcoming the provision of synergy between various international interaction formats in making decision regarding the development of the BSEC transport component;


Continue the implementation of measures aimed at creating an effective transport infrastructure and transport connections in the BSEC region in order to promote the development of trade, mobility and tourism, as well as to improve overall well-being of the BSEC Member States population;

Improve the coordination of initiatives aimed at the development of shipping, multimodal transportation and ferry services in the region;

Continue the work on the further development of the routes generated within the region, including through the development of port infrastructure, projects implementation and monitoring in this area;

Continue the work on reducing the physical and non-physical barriers arising during border crossings, in accordance with the information provided by BSEC Secretariat with assistance from Member States and BSEC-URTA;

Explore the possibilities for providing transport and tourism sectors’ synergy in the framework of the BSEC;

Explore the possibility of developing new transport routes, contributing to the development of international tourism, including the intensification of the cruise shipping;

Promote the improving of safety level on the BSEC region international transport routes;

Facilitate the exploration of the possibility to use global navigation satellite systems aimed at providing transport safety;

Pursue the work on harmonization and signing the Memorandum of Understanding on the Development of Multimodal Ferry Lines in the Black Sea region;

Stress the importance of collecting the data of the travel documents to be provided by the representatives of the BSEC Member States working in the field of transport considering that this data will be transmitted to the national centralized automated database of passengers and vehicles staff in accordance with the international agreements and the national legislation of the BSEC Member States;

Recognize the importance of the active involvement of the business community, its related associations and other stakeholders in the process of shaping proposals on implementation of the transport projects, that contribute to the development of the region, based on public-private partnerships mechanisms;

Continue the work on the issues of this Declaration in the framework of the next BSEC Transport Ministers meeting, the date and venue will be communicated through diplomatic channels;

The BSEC Ministers of Transport expressed their gratitude to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation for the warm welcome and the excellent organization of the event.

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