Address to Visitors of the Website of the BSEC Russian Chairmanship

Dear friends,

Russia has taken over the Chairmanship of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation which will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year. In that time, BSEC proved its relevance as an effective mechanism to promote fruitful cooperation in the Black Sea region and that it is immune to the influence of momentary political interests. The Organization has also made a significant contribution to maintaining trust and mutual understanding in the region and to the implementation of promising projects in various areas.

An action-oriented philosophy is in the core of the Russian approach to the BSEC Chairmanship with a multitude of events planned to be held from January through June 2016, including meetings of ministers of foreign affairs, transport, health, culture, tourism and emergency situations, as well as heads of customs authorities and statistical services.

In addition, there will be meetings of the Committee of Senior Officials, BSEC working groups on science and technology, transport, emergency assistance, education, agriculture and agro-industry, energy, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, tourism, combating crime, small and medium enterprises, trade and economic development and customs matters, as well as seminars, conferences and organizing committees on specific aspects of the Organization’s work.

Further strengthening of equal and mutually beneficial partnership relations in the framework of the BSEC serves the fundamental interests of all Member States of the Organization and contributes to turning the Black Sea region into an area of cooperation and economic progress. Russia as one of the founders of the BSEC will do its best to facilitate that.


Minister of Foreign Affairs
of the Russian Federation,
Chairman-in-Office of the BSEC


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